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Fleeting desert sunsets bring peaceful reflections

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Limited Edition
Artist Proof 5/ Limited Edition Prints 150
Our world comes with environments covering an enormous spectrum of good and bad. Some are uplifting and influence us in a positive way, while others are negative and even destructive to the human soul. The good news is that, for the most part, we get to choose the environments in which we spend or lives. The more one finds themselves in destructive or unhealthy environments, the more accustomed they become to unhealthy influences which steal away any true quality of life. While regular association with environments offering a positive and uplifting influence will always result in an increase in peace and happiness. The natural beauties of nature are part of our world for the positive and uplifting influences they offer. As we choose to fill our personal living spaces with scenes of natural beauty, we create environments where a healthy dose of peace and tranquility is experienced daily. Artistic representations of true beauty are like medicine to the soul.

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