Ancient Weaver's Needle

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The eternal Milky Way stretches over Weaver's Needle in the Superstition Wilderness

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Limited Edition
5 Artist Proof / 150 Limited Edition
Superstition Wilderness
This image involved hiking in and out of the Superstition Wilderness in Arizona, 9 miles round trip, and 1500 ft in elevation gain. I started the hike at 9:00 PM on a warm May evening and was alone on the trail until reaching the high point at Fremont Saddle around midnight where I met two guys camping. Pretty quiet back there in the middle of the night until we spotted a rescue helicopter flying the trail I had just hiked at maybe 100 feet, doing a low and slow spotlight search. A Sheriff Deputy had stopped me at the trailhead to inform me of a hiker reported overdue by 12 hours. The helicopter continued up the trail and stopped in a low hover 150 feet away after spotting me with their massive spotlight. I quickly gave them a thumbs-up knowing they were wondering if they had found their guy. Good thing my camera gear was still in the bag as they dusted the area pretty good while traversing directly overhead and continuing to the north. I continued in the same direction another couple of miles to capture my much-anticipated exposure of this old volcanic cone with that brilliant Milky Way stretching across the sky. Very happy with the resulting Weaver's Needle astro shot. Never heard anything more of the lost hiker - hope he showed up.

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