Ancient Weaver's Needle

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The eternal Milky Way stretches over Weaver's Needle in the Superstition Wilderness

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Superstition Mountains
The ancient volcanic core of Weaver’s Needle is likely the most prominent feature in the rugged back country of the Superstition Wilderness in Arizona. While it has been a favorite subject in my work for many years, this Milky Way capture has been a bucket-list shot for some time. The shot required a 9-mile round trip hike on just the right summer night for the stars to be in proper alignment for the exposure. It was all an acceptable sacrifice, as the image speaks so brilliantly of the magnificence of our planet, the lengthy process of its creation, and the glorious cosmos that we, with the earth, are all a part of. The earth is a living thing which continues to role on within the unique process of its creation. A marvelous ongoing creation process – all for the sole benifit of the people who walk its surface.

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