Misty Depth

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Incandescent shadows on midnight mist

2:3 Format

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Limited Edition
5 Artist Proof / 150 Limited Edition
Coastal environments have a lot to offer when it comes to photographic art. I wanted a central perspective of the pier, but the path was a bit treacherous with a bunch of slippery granite boulders to negotiate, all with a beefy tripod and expensive camera on my shoulder. Then I scared up a flock of pigeons that went flapping everywhere, weird. Eventually found my spot and set up for a number of long exposures. The image was compiled from 7 bracketed long exposures, giving me full latitude between the brightly lit areas and the dark recesses of the scene. I love the depth that accompanies perspective, the repetition of the old wood pylons, the many angles of the geometry and the ultimate mysterious effect of coastal waters in misty incandescence.

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