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The earth is what we all have in common

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Limited Edition
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Volcan de Fuego
I have seen and photographed a lot of beautiful places around the world, many of which would bring a person to deep reflection on how glorious our planet is. But on this one night in Guatemala, the spectacular display of molten material and rumbling violence of each eruption brought new insights. Our planet truly is a living thing. The creation of the earth is spoken of generally in the past tense, but living things are not static. Living things are in a constant state of change as they progress along their own unique and special path to become something different. With each day, a living thing is no long what it was the day before. Like our living planet, you and I are no different in this regard. Each of us are also moving along our own unique and special paths to become something different. But we, with each passing day, can choose to be better.

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