Elevator Shaft

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The heavens speak of man's destiny for greater glory

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Limited Edition
Artist Proof 5/ Limited Edition Prints 150
Oahu, Hawaii
The ocean swells on the north shore come with an eerie low rumble as the caverns fill from below, while the same surge brings a torrent across the top. It is so powerful at times that it would certainly wash me away with all my gear. So I cautiously studied the conditions from the safety of higher rock structures 40 feet away before ever venturing to the edge. With the flow at acceptable levels, I waited at the edge of the shaft in the darkness, standing firm while stabilizing my tripod through each surge, then a 5-second exposure through the downflow when able. After 5 or 6 trips to the area, and many hours of battle, I got the shot! To me, the messages of the image are multiple. It is a story of the relentless power of the sea and the amazing shoreline environments it has shaped, with our glorious firmament overhead, under which all life reside.

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