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Aspen yellows cling to perennial pines delaying their annual descent to the forest floor

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Limited Edition
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Aspen Grove
Nature’s transition from one season to the next is a reminder that nothing is static – all things are changing from one day to the next. The earth, the mountains and valleys, oceans and rivers, vegetation of every kind, and all animal life including us. Nothing is the same today that it was the day before. Each day, we become different than what we were yesterday. Most systems in our world don’t have the capacity to choose or to act for themselves. We however, as intelligent self-aware individuals, do have the capacity to act for ourselves and take some degree of control of this inevitable process of change as it applies to us. Despite all that is outside of our control, we are fundamentally free to make our own independent choices that ultimately determine what it is that we will eventually become. What a gift!

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