Gunsight View

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Late afternoon shadows bring definition and depth to magnificent Lake Powell at Alstrom Point

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Limited Edition
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Lake Powell
We have done many trips to Lake Powell over the years but always on the water. After hearing of a road that offered access to the bluffs on the north side of the lake I readily planned a trip to explore the area of Alstrom Point and what a find! This rare higher ellevation perspective provided an excellent frame for both daytime panoramas and some awesome night sky photography. Getting here involved a couple of hour drive on dirt roads with the final 30 minutes in four wheel drive allowing us to drive right to the edge of a bluff. We camped close to a 500 foot ledge with an magnificent view of the Gunsight formation at center frame and Navajo Mountain right above it. The panoarama was created from 4 HDR frames of 5 exposures each - for a total of 20 images.

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