Edge of Winter

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The harshest of winters can offer scenes of transcendent beauty and refinement

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Limited Edition
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Wasatch Mountains
Fine art aerial photography shot through the open window of a Cessna has been my thing for more than 30 years. It allows convenient access to many environments otherwise inaccessible or impossible to capture, including snow laden mountain tops. Dodging weather while traversing mountaintops at 11,000 feet, I spotted this compelling ridgeline east of Spanish Fork, Utah and after a series of passes was able to capture this simple frame. I love the sharp definition in the transition between earth and sky, the fresh untouched accumulation of snow and the depth communicated in the more distant blues. My work sometimes offers perspectives of our planet that are fleeting, and sometimes entirely inaccessible. The image captures a moment-in-time on a majestic mountain top and is presented as an offering to help others to benefit through its simple message. To benefit through connecting with the beauty of our world and the inner peace that can come with it.

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