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Life finds a way

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Limited Edition
Artist Proof 5/ Limited Edition Prints 150
Zion National Park
The singular little shrub high on the wall began as a little seed that found a spot in the rock where it could germinate and grow. Ideas are like seeds that are planted in our hearts and minds. But the seeds of ideas are not always good. Fortunately, our hearts possess the power to judge between good and bad seeds. The key is in our extended effort to nourish the seed through quite pondering and contemplation. If the seed is good and has true value, it will flourish and grow into something of real worth – while bad seeds with no true value will diminish and die. Even the very best of seeds will never flourish and grow without being nourished and cultivated. With sufficient work to nourish the seed through quiet contemplation, a truly good seed will grow and proliferate into something grand and of great worth - like the little shrub high on the canyon wall.

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