Chance of Precipitation

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Acacia silhouette against lofty clouds on the Serengeti

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Limited Edition
5 Artist Proof / 150 Limited Edition
Serengeti Plain
Maasai Mara, Kenya
After an amazing day of wildlife photography, I was captivated by a gorgeous system of billowing clouds developing to the east, drenched in the colors of the setting sun. Our guide and driver was anxious to see us return to the security camp before nightfall as we drove across the northern fringe of the Serengeti. I needed a worthwhile foreground subject to frame against those awesome clouds when a worthy acacia came into view. With some insistence, George agreed to a brief 'stop for a shot' and I guided his driving to position the vehicle just right for the frame. A fitting final exposure of the day; a classic and worthy icon of the African plain against the distant majestic billows.

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