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A peculiar formation contemplates its own significance under the majesty of an infinite firmament

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Limited Edition
5 Artist Proof / 150 Limited Edition
Bisti Badlands
New Mexico
I arrived at the Bisti Badlands near Farmington, NM, a little late but was determined to find a particular toadstool formation I wanted to shoot against the stars. It was my first trip to the area, and I wandered in the dark through creepy dark valleys for a couple of hours before admitting defeat. Heading back to camp, I thought I heard a noise. A shape barely visible at the right fringe of my flashlight beam. A lonely formation seemed to plead: "Oh please, I have stood here for millennia developing and preparing in hopes that my image, with my brilliant companions overhead - might one day offer some measure of value or joy to another soul. Might you consider my photograph for your collection?" So there it is. Who could turn that down?

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