Emergent Form

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Artful balance emerges from centuries past

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Limited Edition
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This shot was taken in a part of southern Utah that require a hiking permit that is very difficult to attain so I decided to fly it instead. I scheduled my trip to arrive late in the afternoon for good shadows and was not disappointed. What an amazing variety of time sculpted beauty. I slow circled over the area for a good hour shooting mostly vertical perspectives of crazy patterns and formations in the weatherd sandstone layers. This image was shot out the open window of a Cessna 182 from 500 or 600 feet at maybe 70 mph while simultaneously piloting the airplane - as I have done for many years. In this shot, the camera is pointing down at maybe 20 degrees off vertical, so the top of the frame (south) is a little further away than the bottom. My subject is a sandstone ridge that slops down from left to right. Scale-wise, ground distance from top to bottom is around 400 feet.

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