Declination Of Ages

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Aeons of depth manifest in worthy form

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While circling the Cessna in slow flight over a particular formation in the Paria back-country of southern Utah, my eye was drawn to another classic formation with excellent lines and in just the right shadow. I repositioned for near-vertical high-speed exposures and knew after a couple of passes that the images were solid. Communicating depth in photography is vital, and many aspects of this exposure accomplish that. I love the flow that the central major shadow helps to accomplish from the higher elevation at top right, down the prominent deep groove to the central shadow which directs the eye further down and left, over a ridge and into the lower trough, continuing into the darkest and lowest elevation of the structure at the bottom left corner. Depth in visual clues in addition to depth in meaning and story; how many centuries was this marvelous scene in the making?

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