Morning Splendor

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Four Peaks silhouette against the brilliant colors of an Arizona sunrise

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Limited Edition
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Four Peaks Desert
Many of my images are the result of extensive planning and effort, while others seem to just fall into place. I was performing an early morning flight to break in a new engine on one of my Cessna aircraft. Departing the airport under partly cloudy skies well before sunrise, I climbed to higher altitudes to keep the engine cool. The brilliance of the morning sunrise was both spectacular and unexpected, and I was caught in the symbolism of a new day. Everyone has to deal with difficult trials, with some so debilitating as to blind us from any hope at all. But within the bleakness of the darkest of those days, we can find solace in the assurety that the sun will always purge the darkness as it rises to another day. And sometimes, that new day’s sunshine comes with unexpected brilliance and clarity, a new day of unimagined beauty.

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