Blue Prism

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Shadow of self-immortalized minds, they surely left nice rocks behind

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Limited Edition
5 Artist Proof / 150 Limited Edition
Always on the lookout for new and unique perspectives, I try to maintain a vigilant awareness of changing or uncommon conditions and how to best utilize those conditions in artistic presentation. We had just climbed down from our camels in the sandy desert near the Great Pyramids of Giza when I noticed an odd refractive display developing in the upper atmosphere. Considering how to make the best of this uncommon lunar phenomenon (the apparent result of high altitude ice crystals), I hurried to the point of the shadow of the Pyramid of Khufu just in time to set up and catch this exposure before it all faded away. Contemplating the experience and resulting exposure, I love the simple geometry created in this unique spectacle of light, interacting with one of the most wonderous structures of ancient man.

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